Charnwood Saltz: Try Dives


If you fancy trying diving in the saftey of our pool, please read on for more information

At Charnwood we offer try dives to give you a taste of scuba diving in the warm and safe confines of the swimming pool, helping give you a taste of what breathing underwater is all about, and help you to assess whether scuba diving is for you.

Our highly trained, and friendly BSAC instructors will take you through a thorough safety brief before helping you kit up and taking you into the pool and showing you some of the basic skills. Afterwards there is an opportunity for you to discuss the experience and collect your certificate of try dive completion.

We make a small charge of £20 for a try dive , and you will need to bring swim wear, towel, and shorts/t-shirt for the pool. If you decide to join the clb after a try dive weith us, we reduce the mebership fee by £10 for the first year.

If you're interested, and want more information you can use the contact form below to get in touch:

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